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Memo Colorado 3JB Orthopedic Winter Boot

Price: $135.00
Sale: $94.50

Memo winter boots provide more than just fashion. They will keep children's feet toasty, warm and dry. They provide the proper development of your children's feet. The most distinctive feature of our boots is an innovative mid-sole with the Thomas heel. This innovative MemoProfiSole® prevents children's feet from defects and provides proper foot development. Memo winter boots are lightweight and comfortable.

Key features of the Memo winter boots:
1. Prophylactic MemoProfiSole® — unique midsole with incorporated Thomas heel provides proper foot development.
2. Heel counter — thermoplastic asymmetric heel counter provides proper feet protection and stabilization.
3. Winter gusset tongue — Similar to typical shoe tongues, but with one major difference: a gusseted tongue is attached to the boot via two triangle pieces on either side. The extra pieces of preventing show and ice from entering. Easy to put on and take off.
4. Upper — made of AquaStop waterproof material and natural leather. 
5. Fur sock — removable, fur felt layer underfoot helps block out the cold to keep feet warm and provide optimum insulation.
6. Traction outsoles — waterproof, flexible thermoplastic rubber outsoles provide traction on snow, slush, and wet surfaces.
7. Toes protection — specially designed outsole with toes protection. 
8. Outsole — elastic sole mainly in the ball of the feet for better walking comfort and proper feet development. 
9. Reflective piping — for sake of children's safety there are reflective elements on the front and back part of the boots, to make the kids more visible. 
10. Adjustable Hook-and-Loop straps — they keep boots snug and secure.

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