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Memo Paris 3GA Corrective Ankle Brace Sneaker

Price: $135.00
Sale: $132.50

Thermoplastic asymmetric stiff heel counter for proper feet protection and stabilization

Developed by European podiatrists to correct tiptoe walking, flat feet, and other postural disorders of children.

Heel clip - a rigid heel counter prevents foot deformations, set perpendicularly to the base of the shoe, keeps the foot in the correct position, lined with a soft natural leather lining from the inside, which reduces the pressure of the stiff heel counter on the child's soft heel; enables the use of a corrective insert.

Collar - filled with soft foam, eliminates possible pressure and prevents chafing.

Thomas heel - provides minimal foot lift from the inside - which is a standard in the prevention and treatment of valgus feet, prophylactic midsole MemoProfiSole.

Sole - diagnostic, light, flexible and springy at the point of bending, the so-called "prom foot", has a physiological shape, non-slip, wide in the toe area with toe protection.

Interior - a flat lining made of natural leather, mobilizes the foot muscles to work with a healthy foot and allows the use of an appropriate insole in case of foot problems.

Urban Classic – A unique combination of timeless elegance and urban design, in a prophylactic edition. The only sneakers with Thomas Heel, stiff heel counter and leather upper on the market. They provide comfort and contribute to the proper development of the children’s feet. Sneakers are offered in three colors and are available in sizes 9.5 Toddler to 4.5 Big Kid. They are not only perfect shoes for everyday use in schools or kindergartens, but also make fashionable completion of both casual dress and elegant outfit.

Memo shoes help to prevent foot deformities for more than twenty years. The shoes were evaluated in Europe by a doctor of medicine, podiatrist, medical rehabilitation specialist. The shoes equipped with Thomas heel to treat and prevent ankle pronation. Upper and lining are made of high-quality genuine leather with foam-padded elements in sensitive areas for better comfort. Shoes are equipped with a thermoplastic asymmetric stiff heel counter for proper feet protection and stabilization.

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