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Memo Capri Purple Corrective Orthopedic AFO Sandal

Price: $125.00
Sale: $99.00

Memo shoe monitors prevent and correct foot deformities in pre-school and school age. It is very important to prevent and correct ankle pronation, knocked knees, tip toe walking, pigeon toes, and improve flat feet in time from a young age. Memo System Technology will show the feet condition of your child just in two weeks and will give you an answer to very important questions: need your child to wear orthopedic inserts or not, what shape of orthopedic inserts will fit, need you to consult with your physiotherapist regarding feet health? Memo shoes help to prevent foot deformities for more than twenty years. The shoes were evaluated in Europe by a doctor of medicine, podiatrist, medical rehabilitation specialist. The shoes equipped with Thomas heel to treat and prevent ankle pronation. Upper and lining are made of high-quality genuine leather with foam-padded elements in sensitive areas for better comfort. Shoes are equipped with a thermoplastic asymmetric stiff heel counter for proper feet protection and stabilization.  The shoes also fit children with cerebral palsy (GMFCS 1, GMFCS 2). Designed and manufactured in the EU. 

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